Flameworking Shop
Flameworking Shop

This is a photo of part of our Flameworking area. The hexagonal stainless table in the foreground is our main teaching area, and features six very wide and roomy work spaces, each has connection manifolds with quick connects for two torches in each position.

On the left wall are work areas, and our electroforming equipment, as well as a dedicated photography setup. A small jeweler's bench with flex-shaft machines and jeweler's tools sits to the left of the stairs. Our 'wet area' is at the top of the stairs and features diamond wet saws, grinders, a lap machine, two sinks and an area to dip, and clean mandrels. There is also a small kitchenette and bathroom off of the wet area.

The bench that is partially shown to the right of the stairs is our main flameworking bench and has 6 torch positions which include 1 GTT Phantom, and 1 GTT Mirage with foot pedal, and 1 GTT Kobuki with foot pedals. There is a medium sized annealer on it as well as a rod pre-heater and garage.
Not shown are two large custom built annealers on rolling carts. All of our annealers have Digitry GB1 computer controllers. All of our rod pre-heaters and garages feature digital setpoint controllers. The rolling carts have drawers that are full of tools for students and for people renting time in the studio. Also not shown is our sandblasting area which features a medium sized sandblasting cabinet, a cyclone separator, and a HEPA vacuum.
Our ventilation system is a very large dual squirrel-cage blower with variable speed motor, it is capable of changing all of the air in the studio once every minute and a half. The studio is heated via radiant heat in our fireproof concrete floor.

Open Torch Time — Studio Rental of Flameworking/Lampworking Facilities
Hourly torch and annealer rental… practice your skills with other lampworkers between classes in a friendly and creative space. Get to work with and try different torches. All tools are supplied... of course you may bring and use any of your own favorites too. Do bring your your own glass, or you may purchase glass from us.
Friday evenings 5:30 - 10pm - Call to reserve your space.
Other days/nights are often available as class schedules permit. Please Call! 594-7805
Open Torch Rate: $10/hour
Includes: Selection of torches, tools, didymium glasses, mandrels, digitally controlled annealing.
'Frequent Flamer' Cards
(make great gifts!)
$50/6 hrs ($833/hour)
$100/14 hrs ($715/hour)

Our Torches
GTT Phantom
National 8M
National 8M with Rider on top
GTT Mirage
Mini CC
Carlisle Mini CC - High Ox  
Carlisle Hellcat  
Nortel Minor
Carlisle Wildcat

+ 3 - GTT Crickets

+ 1 - GTT Kobuki

Photos coming soon.

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