Gail Crosman Moore - June 23-24, 2012
Mixed Media: Enameling on Brass, Metals & Fibers
A mixed media circus !
Saturday - Sunday Class hours 9 to 5.
$450.00 Lunches included. Plus Materials fee.

In this two day workshop we will explore, experiment and express ourselves utilizing wool, metal and color! A mixed media circus.

We will be taking FastFire BronzeClay from its elastic, formable stage through to a volumetric slide that offers so many design possibilities through the use of the riveted columns that provide space enough to fit most any stringing material you might choose.

We will turn textures of our choosing (with the addition of mold making) to create these two sided slides.

When the slides are in the firing process we will turn wool fleece into pods and or podlets, this will be a 'crash course' in felt making. Demonstrated will be 4 different  ways of manipulating wool to become anything we might desire.

Day 2 will include coloring metals. I will bring a supply of new and old metal (mostly brass) stampings that we will color using non traditional techniques, i.e. paints, inks, colored pencils as well as torch firing enamels to achieve a variety of looks, the latter part of day two will include ideas on assembly and embellishment of felt.

Mixed media piece
To Register:
Please call 207-594-7805 to reserve your seat, and please download our Class/Workshop enrollment form, and mail with your payment by check or credit card, or Fax your form to us with your credit card info.

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What students should bring:
cookie sheet
dust mask
eye protection
a shoe box size tupperware container
objects for moldmaking, i.e, old buttons, natural forms, shells, bark??? a collection of your favorite things that you might want to add to the mix, beads, mementos, found objects.

Mixed media slides
Felted podsFelted multimedia

Gail Crosman MooreArtist Statement
The one common denominator in all of my work is me so I thought that I would take a minute to tell you a little bit about my passion....I need to make things. Things out of fiber, glass, clay, metal, paper, no material is safe! My other need is to get whatever I am working on out of the second dimension and into the third. Color, form and texture are what make my heart sing.
This foray into the internet is a step along the way to broaden my audience in hopes of bringing joy in the form of an intimate object directly into your home from mine....what a concept! May you gather a fraction of the pleasure from viewing my work as I do in creating it. Thanks for your time, happy viewing. All good to you!   ~ Gail