Ginger Seiple - Oct.2 & Oct. 3-4, 2015
A Weekend of Metal Projects
Oct.2 -Friday evening class making Spinner Rings
 $95 plus $25 Materials Fee, Mokume Gane more (payable to instructor)
 or $75 if taking the Foldforming class too.
Oct. 3-4 -Saturday & Sunday, Foldforming
$390  Lunches included. plus Materials Fee of $65.00 (includes hammer & copper- see below)

Another fun-filled weekend is planned exploring metalworking. Metalsmith extraordinaire, Ginger Seiple, will be teaching the following workshops:

Spinner Rings
A Friday evening class making Spinner Rings starts off the weekend. Come create a ring with spinning elements. Create a spinner with multiple narrow textured rings over a wide base ring, or choose to make a spinner with a mokume gane ring superimposed that spins as well. Mokume Gane is a laminate of many layers (27 in this case) of different metals forged and worked to create a laminate pattern.
Mokume Gane Spinner Rings
Mokume Spinner rings
A spinner ring in silver will have a $25.00 materials fee which will include everything necessary to make a spinner; one made using mokume gane will be more depending on the amount and style of mokume you choose to use. I will have several styles of mokume to choose from. A Mokume Spinner ring can cost from $35.00 to a $50.00 materials fee, again depending on the amount of material required for your design.
Following the Friday evening spinner ring workshop, a 2-day workshop is also planned, focusing on Foldforming.

The pictures above show different foldforms that all started from a star base form. They are to become part of a copper flower garden I am creating. Each took about 15 minutes to create.
I will be demo'ing several folds useful for displaying things like the marble stand.
I have studied extensively with Charles Lewton-Brain, who has spent the last 30 years researching Foldforming, and who has received numerous awards, including the prestigious British Rolex Award for this innovative way of working metals. In essence, Foldforming is a way of creating texture and dimension in metals quickly and easily using a minimum of tools. Its applications are limitless.

We will begin with basic folds, and I'll demo every 1/2 hour, giving time between demos for you to make samples of each fold. I'll have many many samples to show how I use Foldforming, both as art jewelry objects, and as creative elements useful for decor (like a vessel), or as elements part of another use.

Mask 1Mask 2
I'm working on making masks in metal and will show several folds
that work for a project such as this.

We will work in copper, mostly 24 gauge. Foldforming requires specific hammers for the forging and extruding techniques. You will need to purchase one hammer for this workshop, included in the materials fee. I will prepurchase the hammers and modify the peens to have them ready for you to use. The hammers are $42.00; the materials fee of $65.00 will cover the hammer and all the copper for all the folding samples and projects for the entire weekend. Should you choose to work in silver please bring a supply in 24 gauge.

You will need to bring your favorite small hand tools, especially your 1/2 rounds, and a steel block for forging. Some will be available for sharing if you do not own these items. You will make the most of the weekend having your own steel block to work on -2 days will pass quickly. Foldforms take only 10 to 15 minutes to complete, so you will leave the workshop will lots of samples. I can obtain steel blocks to sell to anyone who wants to purchase one for the class (with prior notice).

A lunchtime demo making foldformed hoop earrings is also planned, and the findings for this project are included in your materials fee.

foldformed earringsfoldformed earringsfoldformed earrings
foldformed earringsfoldformed earrings
Several pair of foldformed earrings made with different folding techniques.
torch patinatedtorch patinatedtorch patinated
More foldforming examples of folds we will be doing; these have been torch patinated after folding, forging, and freeform chasing. We will experiment with obtaining colors with a torch.

Class photo
This is a photo of Ginger's class at Playing with Fire! - May 2014.
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About Ginger

Ginger Seiple began working in metal in 1978. The first time she lit a torch an unquenchable spark ignited her soul and metal immediately became a dominant passion in her life. In 1995 she began studying traditional smithing through workshops and books while the next ten years were spent mastering metal clay, experimenting, publishing eight articles and teaching workshops.

Ginger was commissioned by Hiram College to redesign and create their Presidential Ceremonial Medallion. Ultimately her love for manipulating metal overtook design pieces created with metal clay. For the last seven years, along with the honor of teaching at CraftSummer, she has taken workshops and classes from the masters Charles Lewton-Brain, Harold O'Connor, Cappy Counard, Betty Helen Longhi, Michael Good, and various artists from the Alan Revere's Jewelry Academy in San Francisco. Gaining knowledge and techniques from those renowned artists has culminated Ginger's current passion for fold-forming, forging, and hydraulic press work.