Ginger Seiple - November 18; 19 and 20th, 2016

Wraparound Ring 1Metalsmithing Workshop
Friday evening class - Wraparound Ring Workshop
 $95 plus
 or $75 if taking the Scrapbox Earrings Workshop too.

Saturday & Sunday -Scrapbox Earrings Workshop.
$390  Lunches included.
Earrings 8

Fall 2016 Workshop

Another fun-filled weekend is planned exploring metalworking. Metalsmith extraordinaire, Ginger Seiple, will be teaching the following workshops:

Skill Level:
There will be projects and examples for all skill levels. We willl discuss the levels of each thoroughly for appropriate decision making.

WRAPAROUND RING WORKSHOP - Friday evening 6-9:30

Wraparound Ring 2This Friday evening workshop is a great way to start the weekend. Come join us for a session to create and fabricate a sterling silver wraparound
gemstone ring. We will be embellishing the rings with stones and granules of silver, or whereever your design style takes you. There will be two styles to choose from.
I'll be bringing a supply of gemstones suitable for this project; most are free, some will be for
purchase. Feel free, however, to bring stones you have that you might like to use for the project. I'll have all the shank and bezel material necessary, and if you choose to use mine we will weigh the finished ring and you will pay the current market
price for the silver used.

Wraparound Ring 1 
After preparing for classes I taught last year in Maine and at Miami U., and the art shows I did, I found myself left with a large supply of metal scrap. Sifting through it for good scrap vs. that which should go to the refinery, I realized there was a lot of good 'stuff' there. I started to play with these left over components of past design ideas and it occurred to me that it would be a fun class - using scrap for those one-of-a-kinds.
So I'm inviting you to come join us for a weekend creating unique wearable art. The focus will mostly be earrings but what you choose to create is your design choice. There will be many samples to stimulate your aesthetic.

Scrapbox Earrings (with Ginger)

We will be using odds and ends of sterling silver, gemstones and glass to create one of a kind pieces. My large supply of sterling silver oddments leftover from other projects that did and did not come to fruition are available for you to pour through. Many of my favorite designs came from pouring through them to find just the right piece. All of the sample earrings pictured here were very recently made using finds from my box of scrap.
Earrings 4By using just a few bits of wire and textured scraps and a perfectly placed gemstone, bead or found object, an exceptionally beautiful and unique adornment can be created. We'll be making both asymmetrical and matching earrings, and you may discover a design to use as a limited production piece. Many of my most profitable designs started this way.
I'll also be bringing (nonscrap) sterling sheet, wire and tubing to fill in where needed. You are welcome to work using my silver scrap, or feel free to bring and work from your own scrap. If you use mine I will weigh what you use when finished and price it at the current market cost.
I'll be bringing a good supply of gemstones similar to what is pictured in the sample photos for your use as well. Most are free; some are for sale. Because many of my designs use various gauges of wire, bring your favorite goldsmith and planishing hammers along with a steel block to work on. We will be reshaping these bits of wire scrap to create dimension. Gemstones, of course, are optional in your design.
There will be a general demo to get you started, then brief demo's as situations arise; you will gain many little tricks to add to your metal skills. Expect to be able to make several pair of earrings in this workshop.

Earrings 6Earrings
Earrings e7 Earrings 8

Class photo
This is a photo of Ginger's class at Playing with Fire! - May 2014.
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About Ginger

Ginger Seiple began working in metal in 1978. The first time she lit a torch an unquenchable spark ignited her soul and metal immediately became a dominant passion in her life. In 1995 she began studying traditional smithing through workshops and books while the next ten years were spent mastering metal clay, experimenting, publishing eight articles and teaching workshops.

Ginger was commissioned by Hiram College to redesign and create their Presidential Ceremonial Medallion. Ultimately her love for manipulating metal overtook design pieces created with metal clay. For the last seven years, along with the honor of teaching at CraftSummer, she has taken workshops and classes from the masters Charles Lewton-Brain, Harold O'Connor, Cappy Counard, Betty Helen Longhi, Michael Good, and various artists from the Alan Revere's Jewelry Academy in San Francisco. Gaining knowledge and techniques from those renowned artists has culminated Ginger's current passion for fold-forming, forging, and hydraulic press work.