Ginger Seiple - May 24, 2014
Spinner Rings - Hollow Beads - Penannular Design Ring w/Glass Bead
$100.00. plus $30.00 Materials Fee. Lunch included.

Marble RingBead Ring
In a one-day workshop,

Metalsmith extraordinaire, Ginger Seiple, will be teaching a workshop May 24, 2014. This fun and exciting class is for beginning to intermediate jewelry students.

The spinner ring takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete. The hollow metal sphere project takes about 2 hours, maybe 3 with demo time and assisting with tube riveting.

These 2 projects go well together because they do not require a lot of equipment to make them or metal experience to do them well. They are excellent instant gratification projects. Great for beginners and fun for more experienced artisans. I provide plenty of handouts related to every technique they perform.

As an added bonus for the class the lunchtime demo ring projects I have planned are a penannular design, with a glass marble featured. The second demo ring is a glass bead spinner. I'll demo how to do them, and have handouts for each of them.

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Ginger Seiple began working in metal in 1978. The first time she lit a torch an unquenchable spark ignited her soul and metal immediately became a dominant passion in her life. In 1995 she began studying traditional smithing through workshops and books while the next ten years were spent mastering metal clay, experimenting, publishing eight articles and teaching workshops.

Ginger was commissioned by Hiram College to redesign and create their Presidential Ceremonial Medallion. Ultimately her love for manipulating metal overtook design pieces created with metal clay. For the last seven years, along with the honor of teaching at CraftSummer, she has taken workshops and classes from the masters Charles Lewton-Brain, Harold O'Connor, Cappy Counard, Betty Helen Longhi, and various artists from the Alan Revere's Jewelry Academy in San Francisco. Gaining knowledge and techniques from those renowned artists has culminated Ginger's current passion for fold-forming, forging, and hydraulic press work.