Jennifer Geldard - May 3-4

The Art of Play: Surface Design/Form & Structure/Play
- May 3-4 (Saturday-Sunday)
$475.00 Lunches included. Possible Materials fee TBA

The Art of Play:
 1. Surface Design
 2. Form and Structure
 3. Play

All 3 are essential to Jennifer's work, and all 3 will be covered in this class.
We will start with surface techniques: Enamels, shards, metals and creating surface design elements that will open doors and produce unlimited possibilities when combined.
We will then move on to sculptural and shaping techniques to help you think outside the box when you feel stuck or bored with your work.
And finally, we will discuss the importance of play and experimentation in your day-to-day development as a glass artist... and put it into practice during class.

bring with you any of your favorite tools and supplies so that you can begin to apply these techniques to your own style!

Bring to class:
Supplies will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own didymium/boro glasses (or use ours), favorite handtools, marble molds, a notebook and pen. You may also bring your own torch, if it is equipped with quick connects... or use ours.

There are a number of inns and affordable BnBs located within easy walking distance, and many more located within a short drive of the studio. See our website Links for more info about area lodging, and please don't hesitate to call us for more info.

Jennifer Geldards workJennifer Geldards work
Jennifer Geldard beadJennifer Geldards BirdsJennifer Geldard bead
To Register:
Please call 207-594-7805 to reserve your seat, and please download our Class/Workshop enrollment form, and mail with your payment by check or credit card, or Fax your form to us with your credit card info.

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Artists Statement:
Photo I have been creating Lampwork beads, jewelry and sculpture on and off since 1994. Primarily self-taught, I learned the basics of bead forming and technique through books and watching over the shoulders of friends.My focus is surface work. I am interested in creating textures and patterns that tend toward a very unglass-like result. I often use chemical etching to further break down the slick surface.
I have recently been experimenting with other medium, and am introducing found and created objects into the mix.
Birds are another frequent visitor to my work. I wish I could come up with some sort of profound artistic symbology to explain this avian obsession of mine, but the simple truth is, I like them. They make me happy;
I hope my work does the same for you.
I live in New England with my husband John, and son Max.

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