Jeri Warhaftig - October 20-21
Portal NecklaceAltering Hollow and Solid Beads with a Flat Lap Grinder
- October 20-21, Saturday-Sunday
$ 485.00

-- Lunches included. - possible materials fee T.B.A.

Altering Hollow and Solid Beads with a Flat Lap Grinder

This class will explore the creation of hollow and solid beads designed to be revealed and enhanced with the use of a flat lap grinder. Students will learn to create hollow beads using both the traditional "coil pot" method and using the puffy mandrel. Hollows will be for a variety of finishes and effects. The variety of hollow bead styles gives students a chance to practice hollow beads and to troubleshoot any problems they encounter. The solid bead style uses dichroic strips and copper foil shapes in the center of a deeply encased bead that is coated in reduction glass powder. Students will learn about successful use of dichroic glass and how to coax color from copper. This is also a chance to learn deep, clear and clean encasing skills.

The final 1/2 day of the class is devoted to the art of the flat lap, and the processes of grinding and polishing. Students will leave the class far more confident in their hollow bead, encasing and coldworking skills and will be familiar with a new group of embellishment methods that can make their work unique to them.

The students should have had some lampworking experience, and be comfortable working on a torch.  This is not a beginning class.

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Bring to class:
Bring your own didymium/boro glasses (or use ours), favorite handtools, a notebook and pen. You may also bring your own torch, if it is equipped with quick connects... or use ours.

There are a number of inns and affordable BnBs located within easy walking distance, and many more located within a short drive of the studio. See our website Links for more info about area lodging, and please don't hesitate to call us for more info.
To Register:
Please call 207-594-7805 to reserve your seat, and please download our Class/Workshop enrollment form, and mail with your payment by check or credit card, or Fax your form to us with your credit card info.

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Jeri WarhaftigAbout Jeri:
Jeri Warhaftig
Artist and Instructor

My mother always believed that it could be fatal for a child to go even a single day without an art project! She instilled in me a fascination for the arts, and a love of beads and jewelry. Over thirty-five years ago I earned college spending money selling beads at folk festivals and crafts fairs. My interest in lampworking evolved from my work with African American porcelain dolls and my pursuit of historically accurate reproduction beads. Shortly after that, porcelain dolls were "out" and the torch was "in"! About 15 years ago I decided to concentrate solely on lampworking and teaching. I sell my beads at area bead shows and I teach workshops in my studio, around the US and abroad. My work frequently involves pushing the boundaries of a bead through the use of metal inclusions or surface treatments such as enamels. Recent work has explored grinding, sandblasting and mirroring.

Beads are a wonderful art form. They are beautiful, portable, tactile and decorative. They offer something to the superficial viewer and to one willing to expend the interest and effort to look even closer. I have been lucky to meet creative and exciting people in this field, as teachers and friends. Almost all of my work is executed collaboratively with my husband, Neil Fabricant (aka Dr.Fab) and I am so fortunate that we share a passion for glass.

In the coming year I hope to spend a lot of time at my torch, since the past year was largely consumed with writing. Plans are in the works for teaching in Canada and around the US, with more announcements of new classes coming soon!