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Kristina Logan - Dec. 6-7, 2008
Kristina Logan beadsWe're excited to announce:
Kristina Logan will be
teaching a two-day workshop:
Beadmaking -- taking the next step!
Dec. 6-7, 2008 -- $385 - lunches included
"This workshop is designed for people who would like to expand upon their flamework beadmaking skills. If you have questions or difficulties with any beadmaking techniques, then this is a great workshop for you! A broad spectrum of techniques will be explained and demonstrated - various surface decorations, dots!, clear casing, working large beads, and trouble shooting common mistakes and difficulties."

Stack of beadsIt is Kristina's goal to have each student develop a deeper understanding of glass beadmaking through working on the next level of their own work. Kristina has a real gift in her ability to teach to all levels of students.

Kristina will concentrate on each individual's needs and help them move forward in their own beadmaking. All levels of students are welcome. Students will be expected to have had a foundation in the basics of beadmaking prior to class.

Materials: Students are encouraged to bring their favorite 104 coe glass, and frit to work with in class. Bring your own Didymium glasses (or use ours), favorite handtools, a notebook and pen. You may also bring your own torch, if it is equipped with quick connects... or use ours.

To Register:
Please call 207-594-7805 to reserve your seat, and please download our Class/Workshop enrollment form, and mail with your payment by check or credit card, or Fax your form to us with your credit card info. Also call us to reserve your space.

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About Kristina's Workshops:
Kristina truly loves sharing her knowledge with others. Her 15+ years of making glass beads and teaching beadmaking enable her to challenge and inform beadmakers at any level. Kristina concentrates on each student's individual needs in order to help them move forward in their own beadmaking.
Group of beads