Map & Directions
Below the annotated satellite photo, you will see an interactive Google map. (You can see our building/driveway/parking area -- along with snazzy arrows!) Our building is located at 497-503 Main Street, Rockland--the last building on the right in the downtown business block, just before the Ferry Terminal. Our studio is located on the lower level, rear of the building.
satellite view of studioDriving down Main Street (in the right lane) as you near the Ferry Terminal, you'll see the 'PDQ Photo' sign on your right.  At that sign turn right/go down the driveway to the rear, turn to the left at the foot of the driveway and you'll see parking, and our deck/entry. (If you miss that driveway, there's a 2nd driveway just beyond our building). Park in the area behind our building, as the spaces directly behind the PDQ building are for their tenants.
Interactive Google Map:

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Please note that clicking on the "View Larger Map" link will take you off our website to the Google Maps site (where you will be able to get driving directions). When you are finished with the Google site, just close their window and you will be back on our site.

Also note that when you arrive at the Goggle Map site it will say 417 Main St. ... our actual address is 497 Main St., but because of a bug in Google, when you zoom in, it would show us two blocks above where we really are.