Ed Slawson - June 6th. 2009
More classes to be scheduled Mid-Summer and Fall- Please inquire
Boro MarbleMarbles 101 - 1 day workshop
Saturday June 6, 2009
10 am - 5 pm
$115.00 + Materials fee $30.00

This will be a fun workshop which will cover all of the basics of making well shaped marbles. The workshop will be taught using borosilicate glass... however all of the techniques can be crossed over to soft glass with no problem. No experience with boro is required (this is a good opportunity to try boro).

Blue-Caramel MarbleThere will be demonstrations and discussions of different techniques, followed by hands on time for the students to practice the demonstrated techniques. Initially we will start by learning to how gather the glass and begin shaping it into a form to apply the decoration. We will continue to shape it, learning to use marble molds to help refine the shape.

We will show you how to use punties (which are removable handles of glass or metal) to hold the marbles while working on them), both hot and cold seal techniques will be demonstrated and practiced. Finally we will show you how to properly finish the marble and remove the punty mark by flame-polishing. Safety will be stressed and we will show safe methods of transferring from punty to punty, without dropping the marble onto the bench, your lap, or the floor.

As the class progresses, and the students get the basic shaping down, we will begin exploring different decoration techniques. These will include striping colors onto the surface of the marble and then learning to twist them up into swirled designs, speckled patterns using frit and placed dots, as well as beginning to explore the beauty of “folded” marbles with the design deep within the marble. We will also teach the technique for tubing encasement of colors.

Each student should be leaving the class with several completed marbles... actually they would be left in the annealer until the next day.

This is an ideal workshop for anyone who is ready to go beyond beads and to start working with ñoff-mandrel rod techniques. Many of the techniques learned in this worksop can also be used in the making of pendants.
Some previous lampworking experience is required, students should be comfortable working at the torch and with basic tools; more advanced students also are welcome.
All tools, torches and eyeware are provided. There will be a materials fee of $30.00 that covers the boro rods and punties needed in the class. Boro color will be provided in the form of a bowl of shorts you may use, as well as various frits. If you have boro color, you are encouraged to bring some of your favorite colors.
Students should come with a notepad and are encouraged to take notes. Please bring some samples of your own work. If you have any favorite tools, please bring them also. You may bring your own torch if you wish, if it has quick connects attached, all stations are equipped with quick connects.
Marble Marble
Marble Marble