Michael Barley - October 8-9, 10-11, 2011

Michael Barley BeadTechniques for Enhancing Your Style
- October 8-9, 2011 - full
$ 475.00 - Lunches included
2nd session:
- October 10-11, 2011 - 3 seats left

Michael Barley BeadTechniques for Enhancing Your Style

The focus of the class will be on learning through experimentation. The goal for the class is to help the students learn techniques that will enhance their own style of bead making. This class is designed for intermediate students who have experience with propane and oxygen torches. You'll be working with Effetre (Moretti) glass. Michael has been making glass beads for twenty years and has developed many unique methods for making beads. He will be sharing his method for clear casing, pulling striped canes, shaping beads and many other helpful tips. He will be demonstrating several techniques for blending colors to develop new and unique colors. You'll be working with silver leaf to achieve a variety of effects and to use it in ways to alter the colors of the glass. You'll be making canes using an optic mold and learn ways to apply the cane to achieve a variety of designs. The class is divided about equally between demonstrations and time for the students to practice on the torch.

Michael Barley BeadMichael Barley Bead

Michael Barley Bead
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Michael Barley BeadAbout the Artist:
It's hard to say how my passion for bead making began. Previously, I was a potter for 15 years. I still frequent pottery sites and occasionally the pottery influence finds its way into my beads. But glass has always fascinated me and about 14 years ago I spent a few hours with Sage in Bellingham making my first glass beads. You could say I was hooked.

Within a year I sold all my pottery equipment and never looked back. I found that I love the immediacy of bead making and I never tire of experimenting with the endless combinations of color, shape, texture, and techniques. By keeping my work one of a kind, the ideas keep flowing - and that's what keeps it alive and exciting.

Now Joanie and our four cats live in the small Victorian town of Pt. Townsend. It's a beautiful little town known for its artists, events and community spirit. And I'm fortunate to have a pleasant studio space in our home where i can teach classes every now and then.