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Pipyr - November 14-15-16, 2008
We are very pleased to welcome Pipyr for three exciting and absolutely-packed-with-techniques workshops!
Sign up for one, two or all three days! $200- per day, plus materials fee.
The workshops will run from 10 to 5-ish each day. Lunch included.


Day 1 – Beginning boro solid sculpture

During this class, we will be talking about getting started in boro sculpture. This day is ideal for someone who wants to make the transition from beads or soft glass into sculpture. We will be focusing on how to work with silver colors, how to make cane, how to create proper seals, and how to work the heat and use gravity to our advantage.

We will make some small sculptures and I will work with students individually to help them make plans for taking what they have learned to the next level when they leave the class. This will be a fun day with lots of potential for “ah-ha!” moments.

Skill level requirements:
You should be comfortable working at the torch and adjusting the flame (although we will discuss flame chemistry). If you have only worked with soft glass, you are welcome! It will be helpful if you play around a bit with off-mandrel work before the class, just to get an idea of what questions you have and how it feels to be without the support of a mandrel. This workshop will also accommodate students with more boro or sculpting experience, as we will be working with lots of unique techniques and materials.

PhotoDay 2 – Boro Solid Sculpture 2

This class is for students who have taken “beginning boro sculpture” or for students who have some experience with sculpting in boro. We will be working on more detailed sculptures and larger canes. We will also make eye cane and apply them in sculpture. We will play with some neat silver colors to get some fun effects. This is the class that really takes sculpting to the next level. I will happily work individually with students to help them plan for their own ideas when they leave the class, so feel free to bring your sketches or ideas!

Day 3 – Mixed media with glass

This is a fun class and the techniques will apply to soft glass as much as they will to boro. We will be playing with electroforming, fabric hardener, and sandblasting/oil painting (and who knows what else!) to enhance sculptures or jewelry pieces. Bring a few pieces that you have made to work with. If you want to take your glass work somewhere new and fresh, this is the class for you!

Bring to class:
Your glasses and any tools that you can't work without. Also bring along sketches and ideas that you think you may want to explore or need some assistance with. If you have a torch that you are most comfortable working at, please bring that as well. I think it's always easiest to learn new things when you are working with tools that you know well.

There are a number of inns and affordable BnBs located within easy walking distance, and many more located within a short drive of the studio. See our website Links for more info about area lodging, and please don't hesitate to call us for more info.
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