Pipyr - July 7-8, 2012 Saturday-Sunday
Finger PuppetsBlown Boro Finger Puppets &
    Blown Bubble Sculptures
Saturday - Sunday
Skill Level - All
$450.00 Lunches included.
 -Possible small materials fee TBA

Day 1
Blown Boro Finger Puppets -
This is a wonderful way to experiment with blown sculpture! We will be using clear glass to simplify the pieces and focus on techniques to get proper blown seals. These little finger puppets are a blast to make! We will be going over the dreaded pulling points (it is easier than you think! Pipyr will guide you through.) as well as how to add ears, heads, etc. We will start with a simple finger puppet and get more advanced as time allows. Pipyr will also discuss sandblasting and demonstrate the technique she uses to add oil paint to her pieces.

Day 2
Blown bubble sculptures
The next step up from finger puppets, these blown sculptures are a fun way to explore more with blown sculpture on a larger scale. These primitive animals are a perfect platform for experimentation. We will be working with clear glass in this class, to focus on form and proper seals. Pipyr will also discuss sandblasting and demonstrate the technique she uses to add oil paint to her pieces.

Lion finger puppetOctopus  finger puppetHorse  finger puppet
Giraffe bubble creatureMammoth bubble creature
Giraffe  finger puppetElephant  finger puppet
Llama bubble creatureSeal bubble creature
Skill level requirements:
You should be comfortable working at the torch and adjusting the flame (although we will discuss flame chemistry). If you have only worked with soft glass, you are welcome! This workshop will also accommodate students with more boro or sculpting experience.

Bring to class:
Your glasses and any tools that you can't work without. Also bring along sketches and ideas that you think you may want to explore or need some assistance with. If you have a torch that you are most comfortable working at, please bring that as well. I think it's always easiest to learn new things when you are working with tools that you know well.

There are a number of inns and affordable BnBs located within easy walking distance, and many more located within a short drive of the studio. See our website Links for more info about area lodging, and please don't hesitate to call us for more info.

Cat  finger puppetFinger Puppet